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"Ask not what the Order can do for you - Ask yourself what you can do for the Order"


I don’t ask anyone to be perfect.  I just ask my Brothers and Sister to attend your Lodge regularly and try to “Make a   Difference”.  When we all do this, WE can Rejoice!

We need to do everything in our power to gain new members and they must be worthy of being an Odd Fellow and Rebekah.  We need quality more than quantity.  We must revitalize our Order to go  forward.

As your Grand Master, I will endeavor to do my best to participate in any legal function that is a benefit for the Order in  Tennessee,  if at all possible.

It is my desire to work for better communication with you and keep you updated on our progress through our Public Relations Officer and the Website Editor.  I will communicate with our Lodge secretaries with quarterly  updates.

I will assist and help Sister Tammy Barton, President of the   Rebekah Assembly in Tennessee, to promote Rebekah-Odd  Fellowship through the Volunteer State.  WE, can “Make a Difference”.  Will you join us to make Odd Fellowship great again?  Let’s see Odd Fellowship in Tennessee!

Our Motto for 2017-2018 is:
“Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained”



The Key to Success is working together.  All or any parts of this program can be dwelt upon the Nobel Grand, Vice Grand and Members to enable the Lodges to grow and have worthwhile meetings.

A. Membership Increases:

1.  New Members.
a.  Relatives of members.
b.  Friends and business associates.
c.  Neighbors (People in your community).
d.  Church and other social personal groups.
e.  Forming new Lodges.

2.  A formula for conducting better Lodge meetings.
a.  Open on Time!  Opening and closing the Lodge in full form.
b.  Presentation of the flag in a proper manner.
c.  Each officer learns by memory their duties of office.
d.  Each member have a handbook/ritual for a guide.
e.  Performance of Degree Work by memory and practice regularly.
f.  Insist upon Dignity and Decorum at all times.
g.  Plan each meeting with a program and/or projects to be undertaken by the members.
h.  Support the SGL proclamations.
i.  Support Local and Community charity drives.
j.  Always wear your Order pins so the public can ask about the pins.  We need to advertise!

3.  Social Activities.
a.  Plan social affairs with the Rebekah Lodges where possible.
b.  Birthday and anniversary parties.
c.  Past Grand night.
d.  Veterans recognition.
e.  Invite other clubs to join in with your social activities.  “Advertise the event!”

As your Grand Master, I solicit your support and the support of each Lodge.  Our jurisdiction and lodges also need your support to move forward.  If our Order is to continue we must work together to make Odd Fellowship better for the future.  Let’s build up and revitalize our Order for future generations!

Remember the Motto for 2017-2018 “Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained”.

Fraternally yours in F. L. & T.
Bill William F. “Bill” Culbertson, Sr.


Grand Master’s Special Project is:    ALS-Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

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